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Introducing Plex AI:
Your New AI Pentest Report Author

Tap into our advanced artificial intelligence to speed
up your report writing.


#1 Offensive Security Platform
Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies and the Largest Service Providers Worldwide

Cut Pentest
Reporting Time by


Enable effortless report creation


Plex AI drives intelligence to scale report findings authoring, leveraging AI to generate findings descriptions and remediation steps, all while maintaining the quality and data integrity you expect from PlexTrac.

Deliver a wide range of reports at scale

Analyze large data sets to summarize key themes from a range of offensive data, alleviating much of the manual lift by having Plex AI do the analysis for you, effectively making AI a member of your pentest team.


Hack more and report less


Without the need to manually add narratives or summarize data sets, you can focus more time on pentests and
less time on report authoring.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

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PlexTrac Introduces AI to Its Industry-Leading Pentest Reporting & Management Platform

PlexTrac today announced Plex AI, a new set of capabilities that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to automate proactive security reporting.

Introducing Plex.AI: Your Sidekick for Even Faster Pentest Reporting

PlexTrac already cuts pentest reporting time by 50 percent, but we’re about to bring you even more speed. introduction of Plex AI – the first of several new AI capabilities we will be launching in the near future.

Rest Assured That Your Data Is Secure

Plex AI Security FAQs
How is my data being protected?

All interactions among system components, including AI, are secured through encrypted channels utilizing TLS 1.2. Within your PlexTrac instance, all AI components utilize PlexTrac’s RBA system to guarantee appropriate access controls. This ensures that client, reports, and classification requests adhere to configured access controls, thereby maintaining security and integrity when utilizing generative components.



What kind of security testing was completed?

PlexTrac’s security team performed testing of the embedded solution for AI-related vulnerabilities including but not limited to:

• Prompt injection (direct and indirect)
• Model poisoning
• Model theft
• Insecure response encoding
• Sensitive data leaks
• Cross client/tenant authorization bypasses

What data sources are utilized to train the AI model?

PlexTrac’s AI model is trained using open source cybersecurity and vulnerability data.

This includes but is not limited to:

• CVE Data
• Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds
• GitHub Top 100
• Open source penetration testing datasets

When I submit something, what happens to the data?

The solution’s current model operates in a pre-trained capacity. The system and underlying components do not currently learn over time or retain user submissions beyond the requirement to process the submission and provide a generative response.

Is my data being used to train your AI?

No. The solution does not currently learn over time based on user submissions. Any model updates or additional training is performed by PlexTrac’s team in a controlled environment separate from production systems. Once complete, these sort of updates are applied to customer-facing AI systems to ensure all relevant training data remains as up-to-date as possible.

Will my data be mixed with other companies’ data?

No. The AI system is configured to keep your data private just like your PlexTrac instance. The solution does not utilize a shared or “customer trained” model in order to prevent mixture or cross-contamination of data within the AI component.

Can I opt out of having AI turned on in my PlexTrac instance?

If AI is included in your PlexTrac plan, you may choose to keep the AI feature turned off by not enabling the license in your tenancy.

Does the AI component interact with or depend on third-party systems such as Open AI?

No. Plex AI utilizes its own proprietary implementation, independent of OpenAI or other third-party systems. We use TLS encryption to ensure all data communication is protected and confined within PlexTrac's cloud environment, providing a dependable and secure experience without reliance on external platforms.

What if I have additional security concerns that are not answered here?

If you are an existing PlexTrac customer, you can reach out to PlexTrac’s security team to have any questions answered. Inquiries can be directed to

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